The other day,I was the panelist at Google’s Asia-Pacific internal event Woman@ Play.
I answered questions, but most people were interested in “how to start your business?”and “how do you get everything, such as work success, a great marriage life, parenting, fun with friends and time for yourself”?
As I answered those questions one after another, I realized once again that even the most talented people in the world have the same problems and struggles are common throughout the world. Among them, I was surprised and realized that my limited knowledge and experience still would be useful not only for younger generations such as Kyoto University Entrepreneurship International Club members, but also for career generations. I hope I can contribute more and empower women like this time.

I received the appreciation letter from Google@Play as the panel speaker of Women@Play, APAC Entrepreneur Panel Talk. I am very glad that my story could empower and motivate women to success in their life.