• 2021.10.27




    The other day,I was the panelist at Google’s Asia-Pacific internal event Woman@ Play.
    I answered questions, but most people were interested in “how to start your business?”and “how do you get everything, such as work success, a great marriage life, parenting, fun with friends and time for yourself”?
    As I answered those questions one after another, I realized once again that even the most talented people in the world have the same problems and struggles are common throughout the world. Among them, I was surprised and realized that my limited knowledge and experience still would be useful not only for younger generations such as Kyoto University Entrepreneurship International Club members, but also for career generations. I hope I can contribute more and empower women like this time.

    I received the appreciation letter from Google@Play as the panel speaker of Women@Play, APAC Entrepreneur Panel Talk. I am very glad that my story could empower and motivate women to success in their life.

  • 2021.07.29

    京都大学創立 125周年 寄稿


    Kana wrote a message for the 125th anniversary of the founding of Kyoto University.
  • 2021.07.27

    シリコンバレー教育プログラム BizWorld 認定フェロー向け講座

    シリコンバレー教育プログラム BizWorld 認定フェロー向け講座にて、ビジネスプランについての講師を務めました。

    Kana spoke as a lecturer in a course for certified fellows of entrepreneurship program “BizWorld”.
  • 2021.07.21

    イリノイ大学 MBAコース パネル登壇

    イリノイ大学 MBAコース “Japan’s Innovation Ecosystem” にてパネル登壇いたしました。

    Kana participated as a panelist of the MBA course at the University of Illinois. About 70 people from all over the world participated in this class.
    She talked about Japan’s innovation ecosystem from the perspective of a small business entrepreneur.

  • 2021.07.19

    100年続くベンチャーが生まれ育つ都研究会 パネル登壇

    100年続くベンチャーが生まれ育つ都研究会 京都大学経営管理大学院寄附講座「4つの「しごと」を楽しむ…私事、仕事、志事、使事 〜エフェクチュエーション的な生き方〜」 パネル登壇

    Kana gave a panel presentation for sharing her experiences and perspectives of life and business at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Management, Donation Course, “Study Group for the Birth and Growth of Ventures That Continue for 100 Years”.The number of applicants were the highest ever in this course(more than 520 people).
  • 2021.02.20

    Japan Hackathon 2021 Co-Founder

  • 2021.02.09

    デザイン思考の専門家 Brittany Arthur氏 の番組に出演

    デザイン思考の専門家 Brittany Arthur氏 の番組BusinessKaraokeに出演。「心のあるコミュニティを作成するコツ」について語りました。

    Kana was invited to speak at the Business Karaoke program after the huge success of the Japan Hackathon 2021. The design thinking expert and founder of Business Karaoke, Brittany Arthur interviewed Kana on ‘How to create a community with heart”.

  • 2020.10.16

    「グローバル×起業家~求められるグローバル人材とは~」 パネル登壇

    シリコンバレー教育プログラムBizWorld 認定フェロー向け講座  ビジネスプラン講師

    Silicon Valley Education Program BizWorld Certified Fellow Course Business Plan Lecturer
  • 2020.06.26

    Japan Hackathon 2021 Co-Founder

  • 2020.06.02



    I was interviewed about the Japan Hackathon (held on June 26th).
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